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Our Digital Video & Audio group comprises engineers from across our UK and Europe offices who understand and have experience of the challenges facing innovative companies looking to deliver next generation solutions in digital television and audio. Whether traditional over-the-air broadcast technologies or the increasingly important and challenging video-to-mobile challenges our digital video and audio group has the skills and expertise to add value to your patent portfolio.

Our experience

There is no doubt that consumer demand for digital content is rapidly changing and evolving. Not only do modern consumers want digital content on demand via streaming services, but the presentation, searchability and interactivity of digital television content is becoming crucial to the success of content providers, and also to those providing content delivery infrastructure. We understand these issues, and our team has experience of standardised open source software such as MHEG (Multimedia Hypertext Experts Group) together with connected TV technologies.

On the content encoding and compression side, our attorneys are experienced with the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standards, and Coded Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) modulation techniques, as well as the MPEG suite of video and audio standards. On the hardware side, our attorneys are familiar and used to working with display technology, such as LED and OLED backlit displays, and 4K resolution displays as well as server technologies, authentication protocols and conditional access systems.

Our expertise

John-Paul Rooney heads our Digital Video and Audio group, and is supported by well over 30 patent and design attorneys with backgrounds in electronics and where necessary chemistry as well as trademark attorneys specialising in brand protection. We have attorneys with particular experience of building patent portfolios suitable for incorporation into standards, and examining patent portfolios for their relevance to international technology standards. We can help to identify gaps and to help position our clients to take full effect of future standardisation initiatives. Our team includes patent attorney litigators, who are able to offer experience and support in the event of a dispute.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

John-Paul Rooney

John-Paul Rooney




+44 114 273 3400

Office: Sheffield