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We appreciate the value of making sure you protect your Intellectual Property. We also understand the value of your time. Consequently, we’ve put together a handful of videos designed to help get the most from your trade mark and patent enquiries.

We will be adding to this resource area over time as part of an ongoing programme of engagement with our customers so please be sure to keep looking in.

How to get the best from your patent attorney

by Michael Jaeger, Partner

I have an idea, should I publish, patent or keep secret?

by John-Paul Rooney, Partner

Patent protection for Blockchain Technology and Blockchain’s role in anti-counterfeiting

by Philip Horler, Partner

Innovation by Artificial Intelligence and the role of AI in Pharmaceutical discovery

by Adrian Tombling, Partner

Invention by Artificial Intelligence: who owns the IP and how to protect it

by Adrian Tombling, Partner

Making your mark: Branding issues in the beauty sector

by Marisa Broughton, Partner