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At Withers & Rogers, we believe that being able to empathise with our clients is essential to a successful and profitable partnership.

Our priority is to always understand your commercial goals and help you to maximise the success of your products, services and brands through the effective use of intellectual property (IP). In a commercial world, we understand that you are looking for efficient and effective intellectual property strategies, backed by practical advice and support.

For some clients, our technical excellence and ability to protect their IP is enough; however, others are keen to benefit from our strategic input.

The nature of this strategic input will vary. For some, it will involve finding the best way of developing the IP portfolio, whether it be patents, registered designs, trade marks or a combination of the three. For others, it will involve setting up a system which enables them to identify and evaluate their IP. Other key areas might include invention management, technology mapping to help direct future R&D investment, or assistance in helping to foster a culture of IP awareness throughout an organisation.

Whatever the level of involvement, we always aim to provide timely and commercially focused advice. In our most recent customer survey our clients told us that we are meeting this aim, with 95% of respondents saying they would recommend us to another organisation.

Other strengths our clients value in our service include:

  • Technical product knowledge, expertise and understanding of their business
  • Speed and effectiveness of advice and the care and attention given
  • The sharing of knowledge and progress updates and the meeting of deadlines
  • Being very personable and likeable people