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Withers & Rogers was originally established in 1884 and has since grown to become one of the largest intellectual property firms in Europe with over 85 patent and trade mark professionals.

We are a modern, progressive, responsive and growing business with a prestigious heritage. Today we work with some of the most advanced and renowned companies in the world.

Our history:

1884 Messrs Withers and Spooner establish a practice in Chancery Lane, London, under the name “J.S. Withers and Spooner”.
1935 J.S Withers is joined in the business by his nephew J.M. (Martin) Wilson, and later by W.C.(Bill) Blatchford.
1950 Martin Wilson and Bill Blatchford join J.S. Withers in partnership. The firm has by now developed a considerable overseas client base, particularly in the USA.
1973 Withers and Spooner merges with Heron Rogers, to become Withers & Rogers.
1975 A Leamington Spa office is established with the acquisition of Edgar Goddin & Co.
1986 The first West Country presence is established by the purchase of M J Stephens & Co in Plymouth.
1989 The Bristol office opens and, in time, absorbs the Plymouth office.
1997 A Birmingham office is established with the acquisition of three small firms, one of which represented renowned inventor Michael Faraday in the 1850s.
2005 Withers & Rogers moves from a partnership to an LLP structure.
2007 The Birmingham and Leamington Spa offices merge to form a single Midlands office.
2009 Withers & Rogers opens a new office in Sheffield, an initiative headed by Paul Foot and David McWilliams.
2011 The London office moves to the prestigious and contemporary setting of the More London Riverside complex.
2014 Withers & Rogers opens an office in Munich, close to the European Patent Office. The Munich office, led by Adrian Tombling, immediately proves popular with clients.