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Maintaining patents, trade marks and registered designs requires the timely payment of official renewal fees. Official fee amounts and payment regulations vary according to the type of protection and across the 100+ patent offices that exist worldwide. Navigating the renewal process can therefore be a complex and time-consuming task.

With a growing emphasis being placed on intellectual property it has become increasingly crucial that renewal fees are handled accurately and efficiently. Not only will this ensure that the owner of IP rights can maintain a broad, commercially important IP portfolio which can be used to protect a product or service, it also preserves IP budget for filing applications for new inventions, brands and designs.

Withers & Rogers Renewals LLP is a leading provider of IP renewals and portfolio management support and is a separate but related business to Withers & Rogers LLP. We handle renewals on behalf of our clients, enabling them to devote more time to other parts of their business. We serve a global client base across a huge variety of industries and our network of local patent attorneys and renewal agents around the world gives us a truly global reach. Our services include:

  • Payment of patent, registered design and trade mark renewal fees
  • Supporting our clients to strategically manage their IP portfolios
  • Translation of patent, technical, legal and business documents
  • Validation of European patents in the UK

Everything we do is underpinned by a philosophy of client care and we pride ourselves on becoming integral to our clients’ businesses, rather than just another supplier. We listen to our clients’ requirements and adapt our services to meet with their specific needs.

Key features of W&R Renewals’ service

  • Competitive fees
  • Clear and comprehensive IP portfolio management support, including cost forecasting, annual statements and tailored reports
  • Three customisable renewal service levels: (1) auto renew, (2) monthly reminder, (3) annual instruction service – use one or a combination of all three across your portfolio
  • Timely reminder notices containing your reference numbers so you can easily identify to which case they refer, 28-day fixed pricing and the products relating to each patent
  • Client focussed and proactive communication via a dedicated, knowledgeable and responsive team; we do not operate from call centres but instead cultivate personal relationships
  • 24/7 access to your portfolio via our online portal
  • A long and distinguished track-record

Please contact us for further information and a free price comparison against your current supplier.

For a copy of our Renewals Terms of Business, please click here.

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Alexander Howard

Alexander Howard


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Business Development Manager - US

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