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Our IP resources cover a range of subjects and are designed to cater to industry professionals as well as those coming to intellectual property for the first time. Most importantly, our publications cover the issues that are relevant to our clients’ businesses.

Find out about key cases and legislative changes in one of our newsletters or view our timelines to discover the timings and steps involved in patent and trade mark prosecution.

Please note that the information contained here should not be used to replace tailored legal advice. Contact us to speak to an attorney about your particular intellectual property needs.

IP Review

The Withers & Rogers IP Review is regular publication that reports on the significant intellectual property issues that our clients need to be aware of. It is produced in hard copy and electronic formats and features articles that cover a broad range of sector and industry developments across patents, trade marks and design rights.

IP Law Update

The IP Law Update is a quarterly e-newsletter that rounds up key articles we have published on our website. The content covers a broad range of subject matter and commentary on pivotal cases that have been decided in the UK and Europe.

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