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Climate change, energy security and pollution are all at the top of the global agenda as governments aim to develop sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Addressing these challenges and developing ‘green growth’ requires world class clean technologies, developed by world class engineers and scientists. Our core expertise lies in providing clean technology companies with the necessary support and advice to help them protect their Intellectual Property and drive their businesses forward.

Our experience

One of the key challenges for many clean technology companies is the need to combine different technologies in new products. Our Clean Technology Group brings together attorneys with backgrounds in electronics, mechanical engineering and chemistry, in order to serve the full range of clean technology companies.

Our expertise

Our primary focus is on clean energy and renewables. In wind energy, our team includes engineers with backgrounds in aerodynamics, bearings and sensors, enabling us to support companies from blade design through to control systems. In the solar sector, our team includes electrochemists, semiconductor engineers and electrical engineers, who together have the necessary experience to service companies from wafer manufacturers through to power plant installers. Our group also includes biochemists with the skills necessary to support the biomass and biofuel sectors.

Wider perspectives

In addition to our clean energy expertise, our team is experienced in a wide range of other clean technologies. For example, our group has experience in fuel cells, waste management, energy harvesting and energy storage, amongst many others.

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Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson




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