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Our Home Care group boasts a combination of experienced patent and design attorneys with a common passion for the sector. Whether you need patent protection for a new formulation, design protection for your packaging, trade mark protection for your brand or strategic advice in relation to navigating the IP of others; we have professionals that can help.

Our experience

We understand the dynamic and competitive nature of the home care industry.

We develop our understanding of this sector through regular attendance at major industry events such as Cleaning Products Europe, CleanEx and Interclean, and enjoy working as part of this dynamic and competitive sector. We actively interact with people on the front line of research and branding in the sector and gain valuable insights that help us to devise innovative, industry-specific IP strategies. Our clients range from small SMEs to major players within the industry.

Being a large firm, our flexibility of resources allows us to provide strong and reliable client service. Withers & Rogers has a reputation among our clients for being prepared to offer clear, concise views. We understand that time is often an issue for them and that they rely on us to summarise the situation for them, draw upon our experience and make clear recommendations having pointed out all of the key facts – we do not sit on the fence.   We are excited by this important field and have in-depth experience across the industry.

Our goal is to secure the competitive advantage for our clients in a constantly evolving sector and to gain a return on investment on research to maintain and improve their market position.

Our expertise

Our team of attorneys includes those with a solid background in chemistry and with particular expertise in the wider FMCG sector, as well as engineers to focus on the important manufacturing and packing aspects. We have experience drafting and prosecuting applications in a number of relevant and related areas, including many different cleansing compositions, laundry detergent tablets and liquitabs, dishwashing detergents, textile materials (including manufacture, composition, surface functionalisation and weaving processes),as well as dispensing and pump devices for use with some of these compositions. Our packaging experts have experience in all areas of packaging technology including wrapping, cartons, and protective sealing and our engineers have experience in the protection of a wide range of consumer and industrial appliances including large home appliances, small kitchen appliances, refrigeration and heating technology, and cleaning equipment.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

Joanna Thurston

Joanna Thurston




+44 114 273 3400

Office: Sheffield