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The housing and construction sectors encompass a wide range of activities relating to the construction of buildings or civil engineering projects that form the built environment. These sectors cover a diverse range of industries ranging from mining & quarrying, to the construction of infrastructure and buildings, the manufacture and supply of products, as well as maintenance and repair of existing structures.

Innovations in the housing and construction sector has a drastic effect in our everyday lives, and can range from improvements in processes, to the incorporation of new technologies such as artificial intelligence or 3D printing, to the development of new building materials and products. Developments and innovation within the housing and construction sectors are also increasingly important in order to enable the industry to help solve the global environmental challenges facing society.

Our experience

We understand the importance of innovation within the housing and construction sectors, and we recognise that providing the best commercial IP advice in such a wide field requires an interdisciplinary team. This is why we have a dedicated sector group comprising of members with civil, mechanical, and materials engineering backgrounds, as well as well as a passionate interest in housing and construction.

Our expertise

The members of our Housing & Construction group have a wide range of technical expertise, reflecting the different areas within the housing and construction sector. Specifically, our expertise cover mining, building materials, construction machinery, foundations, offsite construction and modular buildings, as well as working with clients focused on the products installed in these new constructions such as windows, doors, boilers, suspended ceilings and plumbing.

We have experience in advising businesses of all sizes, as well as a proven track-record of helping clients establish an IP portfolio that is in line with their commercial strategy.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

Mark Sugden

Mark Sugden


Senior Associate

Senior Associate

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