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Office: Bristol

Stuart Latham BEng, CPA, EPA


Stuart Latham is a Patent Attorney in our Electronics, Computing & Physics group. He is a member of our Oil & Gas specialist practice group.

Stuart Latham is a patent attorney in our Electronics, Computing & Physics group. He has a Mechatronics engineering background and heads up the firm’s Robotics & Autonomous Systems sector group.  He is also a prominent member of our Oil & Gas sector group.

Stuart’s experience extends to patent drafting and prosecution, invention harvesting, competitor intelligence and advising on patent and design infringement matters.  He has experience of dealing with inventions across a broad range of technologies, ranging from high-tech electronics and telecommunications inventions to complex electromechanical and mechanical devices.  In particular, Stuart has expertise in the fields of aircraft landing gear, downhole oil & gas technologies, haptic feedback devices, mobile robotics and plasma processing and curing systems.

He works with a variety of multinational companies in the aerospace, oil & gas, computing, home appliance and packaging industries.  He also works with SMEs, individuals and major UK universities.

Stuart has successfully defended a number of European Patents during EPO opposition and appeal proceedings, including the maintenance of a patent without change in a case where the EPO continued with an opposition of its own motion.

On a personal note...

Stuart is a keen footballer, runner and cyclist. He loves cooking, his specialities being from-scratch curries and just about anything he can barbecue.