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Office: London

Philip Horler MA(Cantab), MEng, CPA, EPA


Philip Horler is a patent attorney in our Electronics, Computing & Physics group.

Philip specialises in analog and digital electronic circuitry and semiconductor design, fabrication and operation.  He also has a wide-range of experience in other technology areas including: telecommunication systems; scientific instruments; automotive engineering and control technologies.

Additionally, Philip regularly advises clients on the patentability of software and business methods in the UK and Europe and has significant experience with computer implemented inventions, including encryption and blockchain related technologies.

Philip has worked with a diverse range of clients in the UK, the US and Japan, from large multinationals with substantial patent portfolios to small and medium sized entities.  He has also advised a number of start-ups at various stages of growth.

Education & background

Philip has a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge where he studied a variety of engineering disciplines, from thermodynamics to systems and control. His specialisation was in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with a particular focus on semiconductor device fabrication and operation. His Masters level research focussed on the optimisation of high power SOI MOSFETs in the forward blocking mode.  He went on to enter the patent profession in 2008.

On a personal note...

Philip enjoys skiing in the winter, cycling in the summer and refurbishing old bicycles in between.