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The road, rail and marine sectors are of critical importance to Europe and the UK both in terms of security and economic impact. Our dedicated Road, Rail & Marine group has a considerable track record in these fields.

Our experience

We have a leading international reputation for our work with European & UK based multi-national road, rail and marine organisations who provide complete solutions to the sector, as well as direct US clients within the rail industry.

Our experience includes advising clients involved in the production of electronic vehicle systems, design rights for superyachts, marine power and engineered systems for rail transport.

Our expertise

Our Road, Rail & Marine group is comprised of people with extensive technical backgrounds, reflecting the variety of inventions produced within all of the associated fields. Group members have first degrees in physics, as well as aeronautical, electronic and mechanical engineering.

Wider perspectives

We all have a keen personal interest in developments in the sectors both through our clients and through regular attendance and sponsorship of conferences and industry gatherings.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

Russell Edson

Russell Edson




+44 20 7940 3600

Office: London