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The aerospace and defence sectors are of critical importance to the UK and Europe both in terms of security and economic impact.  Our Aerospace & Defence group has a considerable track record in these fields.

Our experience

We have a leading international reputation for our work with European & UK based multi-national aerospace firms who provide complete aircraft and aero engines, as well as direct UK clients within the defence sector.

Our experience includes advising clients involved in the production of composite airframe technologies, landing gear, aero-engines, aircraft power distribution systems, flight control sticks, sonar systems, anti-submarine surveillance systems, aircraft fuel systems, wing and fuselage design, actuators, gas turbine engines, aero engine hatches and modular launch systems for spacecraft.

Our expertise

Our Aerospace & Defence group boasts members who have over 100 years of collective experience working in both aerospace and defence on intellectual property issues.

The group’s members have wide and diverse technical backgrounds, reflecting the variety of inventions produced within both aerospace and defence. Group members have first degrees in physics, as well as aeronautical, electronic and mechanical engineering.

The group comprises members of our Advanced Engineering and Electronics, Computing & Physics teams and includes a former patent examiner for aircraft braking systems (control systems, heat packs, etc) and a Patent Agent Litigator. The group also includes members who have had direct industry experience within the aerospace sector.

Wider perspectives

We keep in touch with developments in the sector not only through our clients but also through regular attendance and sponsorship of industry events. We have been attending the Farnborough and Paris Air Shows since 2008, and members also regularly attend regional events such as the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.

For further information please contact the group's lead attorney:

Jim Ribeiro

Jim Ribeiro




+44 117 925 3030

Office: Bristol